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Apple Reportedly Developing AI-Based Health Coach App for Personalized Wellness


May 19, 2023

Apple Reportedly Developing AI-Based Health Coach App for Personalized Wellness

According to Bloomberg sources, Apple is said to be working on an AI-based health coach app codenamed Quartz. This app would utilize data from Apple Watch to generate personalized programs focused on exercise, diet, and sleep. Users can expect tailored recommendations and insights to improve their overall well-being. The app is projected to be released in 2024 and will likely require a subscription.

In the short term, Apple is also set to enhance its Health app. Insider information suggests that the upcoming iPadOS 17 release will finally bring the Health app to iPad users. Additionally, an upcoming update is rumored to introduce mood tracking through questionnaire-based assessments, as well as features to manage vision issues like nearsightedness. There are even speculations about the potential launch of a journaling app, similar to Day One, which would help users document their daily experiences.

While Apple has declined to comment on these reports, it is expected that more details will be unveiled at the WWDC event on June 5th. The highly anticipated mixed reality headset may be announced, with rumors suggesting that it will offer health-related features such as a VR edition of Fitness+ and a meditation tool. This initial release will target developers and power users, but a more affordable version is believed to be in development.


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The introduction of a health coach app would align with Apple's focus on expanding its services and emphasizing health as a selling point for its devices, particularly the Apple Watch. Quartz could potentially provide an alternative to users who would typically seek guidance from human coaches, thereby offering a convenient and personalized wellness solution. The integration of health-related features across Apple's ecosystem may further strengthen customer loyalty, as users may be less inclined to switch to Android if they would have to forego their Apple Watch and the digital guidance provided by the health coach app.

Apple's reported development of an AI-based health coach app, Quartz, demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to enhancing user wellness through technology. With personalized programs and recommendations based on Apple Watch data, users can anticipate a comprehensive wellness experience. As Apple continues to prioritize health-related features and services, the upcoming WWDC event is expected to provide more insights into Apple's holistic approach to customer well-being. Stay tuned for further updates on these exciting developments from Apple.

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