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Apple TV 4K Introduces Multiview Feature for Live Sports Streaming


Mar 18, 2023

Apple TV 4K Enhances Live Sports Experience with Multiview Feature

Apple has unveiled an exciting new feature for Apple TV 4K users, enhancing the live sports streaming experience. With the introduction of the Multiview feature, viewers can now watch up to four simultaneous live streams of popular sporting events, including Major League Soccer matches, Friday Night Baseball games, and studio shows such as MLS 360 and MLB Big Inning. This latest addition expands upon the previous limited options for multiview on Apple's set-top box, which were primarily available through third-party services like FuboTV, YouTube TV, and March Madness streams.

Enhanced Live Sports Streaming Experience

The Multiview feature on Apple TV 4K provides users with a highly immersive and customizable viewing experience for live sports. After selecting a compatible match, additional live games are conveniently displayed at the bottom of the screen within the Apple TV app. Users can personalize their viewing preferences by choosing to prominently display one stream with others appearing in smaller tiled windows on the right side of the screen. Alternatively, they can opt for a split-screen mode that allows them to watch two to four matches simultaneously, with equal-sized windows.

Audio and Visual Customization

In addition to the flexible display options, the Multiview feature also offers audio customization for an enhanced viewing experience. Users have the freedom to select their preferred audio source, including home radio broadcasts for MLS matches or home and away feeds for Friday Night Baseball games. This ensures that viewers can enjoy the commentary and atmosphere they desire while following their favorite sports events. Furthermore, the feature allows for seamless transition to full-screen mode with just one click, enabling viewers to focus entirely on a particular stream when necessary.

Subscription Details

To access the Multiview feature and enjoy uninterrupted live sports streaming with MLS Season Pass, users are required to subscribe to a $15 per month plan (or $99 for the full season). Apple TV+ subscribers can benefit from a slightly discounted price, with a subscription cost of $13 per month or $79 for the full season. With MLS Season Pass, users can avoid frustrating blackouts and gain access to a wide range of live sports content.

In conclusion, the introduction of the Multiview feature on Apple TV 4K elevates the live sports streaming experience for users. By allowing simultaneous viewing of up to four live streams, including Major League Soccer matches, Friday Night Baseball games, and studio shows, Apple has provided sports enthusiasts with a highly immersive and customizable platform. With flexible display options, audio customization, and the ability to switch to full-screen mode with ease, viewers can tailor their viewing experience according to their preferences. To unlock the full potential of the Multiview feature, users can subscribe to MLS Season Pass, ensuring uninterrupted access to live sports content. Discover the joy of multi-stream viewing on Apple TV 4K and enjoy an enhanced sports streaming experience today.

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