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Elon Musk makes waves by cutting a Tesla deal with the White House: ‘It’ll make a big difference’

Jun 28, 2023

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made the news yet again, but this time for something pretty straightforward — a White House deal that could help countless Americans charge their electric vehicles.

The Biden administration recently announced that Musk agreed to open a portion of Tesla charging stations to all EV drivers. These stations were previously exclusive to Tesla owners, but by the end of next year, 7,500 of the company’s chargers will be available to everyone.

This development could be a game-changer for America’s rapidly expanding EV charging network. In the past, drivers with EVs from companies like Toyota, Volkswagen, or General Motors have had too few options.

Among American car manufacturers, Tesla has the most chargers by far, with nearly 20,000 charging stations across the country.

The company also leads the industry in time-saving chargers, known as “superchargers.” These stations can give EVs 200 miles of charge in about 15 minutes.

With roughly 1,700 fast chargers throughout the nation, the Biden Administration hopes expanding access can help Americans embark on long-haul journeys in electric vehicles.

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This deal signals notable progress on the administration’s plan to spend $5 billion on expanding EV charging networks across America. The White House hopes to create a national network totaling 500,000 chargers.

While EVs are integral to a sustainable future for vehicle owners, many Americans are unwilling to purchase them. According to 2022 consumer studies, 69% of Americans intend to buy gasoline-powered cars for their next vehicle.

Of those polled, 20% said their greatest concern for buying an EV was their limited driving range. An additional 14% said the most significant deterrent was a lack of public charging infrastructure.

This announcement directly addresses these concerns, as drivers will have access to more charging stations and can drive greater distances.

Mitch Landrieu, a Biden administration senior advisor and infrastructure coordinator, told the AP that charging EVs “will be as easy as filling up at a gas station.”

“In building our EV charging network, we have to ensure that as many chargers work for as many drivers as possible. To that end, @elonmusk will open a big part of @Tesla’s network to all drivers,” President Biden said on Twitter following the announcement. “That’s a big deal, and it’ll make a big difference.”

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