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Maserati MC20, Grecale Get New Colors With Expanded Personalization Program

Story by Anthony Alaniz

Jun 16, 2023

They are part of a new Fuoriserie Essentials collection designed by David Beckham.

Maserati’s personalization program is expanding with a new pair of colors designed by David Beckham. They are part of the company’s first Fuoriserie Essentials collection, which will allow privileged tastemakers to collaborate with the brand.

The Fuoriserie DB Essentials collection is available now upon request for the MC20 supercar and the Grecale crossover. The colors, “Night Interaction” blue and “Verde Royale” green, take inspiration from Maserati’s vintage portfolio. The 1967 Ghibli coupe inspired the exterior blue, which Beckham paired with tan shade leather for the interiors.

The rare 1986 Maserati Quattroporte Royale inspired the green. The automaker only made 51 of them. The new color pairs with brown leather upholstery inside. Cars with a color from the collection receive a metal plate that celebrates the collaboration. It’s between the front seats on the center console on the Grecale and between the headrests on the MC20.

Maserati’s collaboration comes as automakers realize the value customers place on customizing their vehicles. Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, and others offer an expanded list of styling choices under the banner of personalization programs. These programs often provide options such as a broader color palette, unique upholstery choices, and special trim to those willing to pay a premium to individualize their vehicles– and automakers don’t want to miss out on that profit.

Last year, Maserati launched a new global store concept that incorporated its Fuoriserie program. Customers can personalize their vehicles at the retailer, selecting the exterior paint, interior stitching, wheels, and more. The automaker brought the customization program to the US in 2022.

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The Fuoriserie DB Essentials collection is only available on the MC20 and Grecale. Maserati’s broader Fuoriserie program is available on the rest of the lineup, which is growing. Maserati will allegedly launch the Quattroporte EV next year, and there are rumors that the next-generation Levante is coming soon. Both will be ripe for customization under the Fuoriserie program.

Maserati recently put the program on display during the 2023 Milan Design Week.

The automaker built two one-off GranTurismo coupes highlighting the program’s breadth of choices. One featured a chromatic mirror exterior finish, while the other wore 14 different paint colors.

Source: Maserati

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