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The Second American Civil War Has Begun

Jul 18, 2023

Thanks to the gangster epic "The Godfather" the saying, "It's not personal, it's strictly business" is part of our modern lexicon. While perhaps gangsters in the movies may still live by that code, it appears that in the corridors of power in Washington, D.C., everything is increasingly very personal – and it could be argued it is interfering with the ability of the government to actually get anything done!

This includes the investigations into former President Donald Trump as well as President Joe Biden and his family. This endless cycle of finger-pointing is continuing to tear the country apart.

We've become the Un-united States of America as a result.

And that means a sort of civil war has already broken out - but this time it is toxic politics creating chaos and not cannon fire.

Another Email on Hunter's Laptop

It was another film from the 1970s, "All the President's Men," that also introduced the phrase, "follow the money" into the mainstream consciousness, which is what some GOP lawmakers are arguing they are doing when it comes to Hunter Biden.

In addition, thanks to the Watergate scandal, every scandal now gets known as "X-gate" – but the ongoing Huntergate and Trumpgate are just proving to be a gateway to the end of our democracy, and both sides are very much to blame.

Fox News reported on Wednesday, "Republican lawmakers erupted Tuesday after learning about a 2015 email chain that predated President Biden's infamous 2015 trip to Ukraine, when a Burisma Holdings executive revealed the 'ultimate purpose' of Hunter Biden's involvement with the Ukrainian energy company."

The emails came from Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi to the younger Biden, who was serving as a board member. It is certainly damning evidence that points to Hunter Biden riding on his father's coattails.

But is this really shocking or new? We're less than a year and a half from Election Day, so couldn't this

be an issue for voters to decide rather than more investigations into the shady business dealings of a drug addict? Were Hunter Biden not the son of the sitting president, it is doubtful there would be an investigation.

Though it is true that Hunter Biden may not have been involved were he not the son of then-VP Joe Biden, a case could still be made this would be a nothing burger if Biden had lost in 2020.

Yet, he went on to defeat Donald Trump, so GOP lawmakers are seeing this as something that needs our full attention.

Rep. Virginia Foxx, (R-N.C), who sits on the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, told Fox News, "The sequence of events that led to the firing of Viktor Shokin, and the subsequent comments by then-Vice President Biden, raise serious concerns as to what machinations were really at play — and were purposefully concealed from the American people. No matter how you slice Hunter Biden's involvement, it screams public corruption at the highest levels and must be fully investigated."

The sentiment was shared by Rep. Clay Higgins (R-Louisiana), also a committee member, who added, "The calm, judicious, steady reveal of incredibly condemning evidence that clearly incriminates the Biden crime family will eventually alarm even the most ardent supporters of this WH occupier. Our president is compromised, he should resign and be forever condemned, and the Democrat Party should begin rebuilding itself."

Corruption at the Highest Level?

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To the Republican lawmakers, it would sound as if this is about rooting out corruption at the highest level – but that claim is also being made by their Democratic counterparts about former President Donald Trump, who is being investigated for what now seems like a million different things.

"Everything we are uncovering points to Hunter Biden using his name and his father's position to get rich," said Rep. William Timmons (R-S.C.)."It's bribery — and it is both wrong and illegal. House Democrats, the legacy media, and even top brass at the FBI and DOJ failed to do their job and investigate all the literal and figurative smoke that clouds Hunter Biden. House Republicans will do our job and uncover the truth."

One could absolutely agree with Timmons, but this is the same congressman who has supported calls for the funding of federal agencies involved in investigations and prosecution of Trump to be withheld. Likewise, Rep. Higgins has long referred to Trump as "rPOTUS," short for the real President of the United States, on social media. The congressman from Port Barre was among those who voted against confirming the results of the 2020 presidential election that Trump lost to Joe Biden.

Therefore should we be surprised that he's the one calling for Biden to resign?

In other words, it is hard to not see this as a personal attack on Biden when so many of the ranks in the GOP have lined up to support Trump. Moreover, Trump's indictment over his retaining classified documents has had many in the Republican Party suggest that the Biden administration is "weaponizing" the judicial system!

Attacks on Trump Are No Better

According to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll from this spring found that about half of Americans believe the New York investigation into whether Donald Trump paid hush money to a adult star was politically motivated, even as a large majority found the allegations believable.

In other words, people don’t seem to care.

At the same time, the former president has been the subject of multiple investigations, including the U.S. Department of Justice's (DoJ's) efforts involving the classified documents found at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, the aforementioned New York City hush money payments, efforts by Trump in Fulton County, Georgia to overturn the 2020 election, and in New York State over allegations that the Trump Organization lied to lenders and insurers.

It is very hard not to see at least some aspects of the investigations as being completely politically motivated. This is about making it impossible for Trump to return to the White House, a point not even hidden by his critics.

While former lawmakers such as Liz Cheney and Chris Christie have vowed to ensure that Trump isn't reelected, they're not actually weaponizing any investigation. Christie is now hitting the campaign trail to tell voters why Trump shouldn't be reelected, and Cheney could likely do the same.

But these constant investigations – as well as calls for impeachment, which both sides have absolutely overplayed – won't heal the nation. It won't unify the country. Instead, it is literally tearing us apart.

Here are the facts. The Biden family is certainly corrupt, led by a not-so-smooth-talking politician and serial liar. Donald Trump has always been a shady businessman whose only "art of the deal" was to stomp on the little guy when possible and call it solid negotiations.

Did Hunter Biden get rich by riding his father's coattails? That is almost certain. Did Donald Trump break a whole bunch of laws, including bribery as well as retaining classified documents? He absolutely did.

But do we need endless investigations into these cases? Absolutely not, simply because it isn't business as usual anymore, and it has become entirely personal.

We can follow the money, but let's be honest too – how is it that everyone who goes to Washington like Mr. Smith returns home with far greater net worth? These politicians make a salary of less than $200,000 a year but quickly become millionaires. That's the money we should be following!

It is time to move on from these investigations, let the voters decide – and hopefully we can move past these two crime families. Failing that, maybe our increasingly partisan lawmakers on both sides of the aisles should just have it out already.

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