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The Amazon Echo Show 5 is faster and offers improved audio

The company is also launching an updated Echo Show 5 Kids edition with child-friendly features.

Amazon has unveiled updated versions of its Echo Show 5, both in standard and Kids variants, as part of its recent Alexa hardware announcements. The latest model offers improved speed and enhanced sound quality, though its overall appearance closely resembles the previous version.

Amazon's 2023 Echo Show 5 is faster and offers improved audio
AmazonAmazon's 2023 Echo Show is faster and offers improved audio Echo Show 5

The Echo Show 5 retains the familiar design of its predecessor, featuring a 5.5-inch screen suitable for watching news, video chatting, and monitoring visitors at your doorstep. Amazon claims that the third-generation Echo Show 5 is 20 percent faster than its second-generation counterpart. Furthermore, it boasts an upgraded speaker system that delivers enhanced bass compared to its previous iteration. Additionally, the device incorporates a redesigned microphone array for improved voice recognition.

Simultaneously, the Echo Show 5 Kids takes advantage of the new hardware and introduces a space-themed design along with a range of child-centric features. In addition to parental controls and the creative AI function called Create with Alexa, it offers kid-friendly responses, jokes, homework assistance, and explicit-lyric filtering. Moreover, the Kids variant comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, a service providing ad-free and age-appropriate audiobooks, games, videos, and Alexa skills.

Amazon's 2023 Echo Show 5 is faster and offers improved audio
Amazon Echo Show 5

The Echo Show 5 is now available in charcoal, white, and blue color options, priced at $90. The Kids variant, featuring the illustrated galaxy design shown, is priced at $100.


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