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Gear Review: Falco Land 3 Touring Boots

A jack-of-all-trades pair of boots designed to go the distance in comfort and style.

Choosing touring boots can be quite tricky. On the one hand, you need to find a pair that’s protective and durable enough to go the distance, and keep your feet protected in the event things go sideways hundreds of miles away from home. On the other hand, touring boots need to be comfortable enough to be worn all day without making you feel tired or uncomfortable.

I was recently faced with this dilemma, as I was getting ready to embark on a multi-day motorcycle adventure, and decided it was high time to get myself a new pair of touring boots. Luckily, I was able to get a pair of Falco Land 3 touring boots, and decided to put them through their paces. Needless to say, they turned out to be quite the jack-of-all-trades pair of boots.

Premium look and feel

Upon unboxing the Falco Land 3 touring boots, I was pleasantly surprised at how lightweight these boots felt. For a waterproof pair of touring boots, they felt easy to walk on, and were very comfortable for me. In terms of styling, the boots make it completely known that they’re a specialized pair designed for motorcycle riding. From the non-slip sole to the robust toe box and ankle area, it’s clear that the Falco Land 3 touring boots mean business when it comes to protection.

Comfort to go the distance

When it comes to safety, Falco prioritizes rider protection by incorporating D3O inserts in the Land 3 boots. D3O is a specialized material known for its exceptional impact dissipation capabilities. In its resting state, D3O is soft and flexible, ensuring comfort while riding. However, upon impact, it instantly transforms into a solid and compact form, effectively absorbing and dispersing the forces of impact, thus minimizing the risk of injuries. This innovative technology is not only lightweight but also widely used in various motorcycle gear, including jackets with elbow and shoulder protectors,

A close-up of the Falco Land 3 Touring Boots, showcasing their rugged design and protective features.
Falco Land 3 Touring Boots

as well as chest and back protectors.

To ensure optimal traction and stability, the Falco Land 3 boots are equipped with a heavy-duty sole. This robust sole is specifically designed to prevent slipping on wet and uneven surfaces, making it suitable for various riding conditions, including gravel and light off-road terrain. Despite its durability, the sole is engineered to maintain excellent sensitivity, allowing riders to have a precise feel on the footpegs, rear brake lever, and shift lever. This combination of traction, durability, and sensitivity in the sole enhances the overall control and performance of the rider, providing confidence and stability on different surfaces and during various riding maneuvers.

A versatile, all-season pair of touring boots

A close-up of the Falco Land 3 Touring Boots, showcasing their rugged design and protective features.
Falco Land 3 Touring Boots

In conclusion, the Falco Land 3 boots present a compelling choice, particularly for riders seeking enhanced comfort. While they may not offer the highest level of protection available, as their design prioritizes comfort, they still provide superior protection compared to other urban, sneaker-style riding boots. With their emphasis on comfort, the Land 3 boots strike a balance between style, functionality, and safety.

A close-up of the Falco Land 3 Touring Boots, showcasing their rugged design and protective features.
Falco Land 3 Touring Boots

The Falco Land 3 boots are particularly well-suited for adventure bike riders who venture into mild off-road terrain, as well as road riders seeking a comfortable pair of touring boots. Their durability and traction make them ideal for tackling diverse surfaces, while their comfort-focused design ensures an enjoyable riding experience during long-distance journeys. Moreover, the boots' combination of waterproofing and breathability allows riders to wear them throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.



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