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Google Meet Rolls Out 1080p Resolution for Crisper Video Calls

Google Meet Rolls Out 1080p Resolution for Crisper Video Calls

Google Meet is introducing a new update that enables users to have crisper video calls with 1080p resolution. This brings Google Meet in line with its competitors, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, which already offer full HD calls. Previously, Google Meet only supported a maximum resolution of 720p.

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However, the update has some limitations. It is currently available only on the web version of Google Meet and requires a camera capable of capturing 1080p video. Additionally, it is limited to two-person meetings and is accessible only to users of paid Google Meet versions, such as Google Workspace Business Standard or Plus, and Enterprise Starter, Standard, Plus, and Essential. Google One subscribers with at least 2TB of storage on their device can also access the higher resolution.



To enable the higher resolution, eligible customers need to manually upgrade their settings in Google Meet. Upon joining a new video call, a popup notification will appear, labeled with three vertical dots. The notification will offer the option to "Let people see you in full HD" along with information about the update.

Users can choose to turn on the higher resolution or dismiss the notification. The resolution can be adjusted at any time by clicking the three-dot button, selecting "settings," then "video," and choosing the desired resolution from the dropdown menu.

The introduction of 1080p resolution follows other recent updates to Google Meet, including emoji reactions and automatic transcriptions. The rollout of 1080p resolution will occur gradually, with rapid release domains receiving the update in the next two weeks and scheduled release domains by May 19th.

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