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Review: Taur Scooter

This electric scooter is promising but feels like a work in progress.

we witness the cutting-edge innovation of urban commuting with the Taur Scooter. The rider gracefully maneuvers through the bustling city streets, showcasing the scooter's efficiency and versatility. The sleek design and compact structure of the Taur Scooter perfectly align with the modern urban lifestyle, offering a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation.
Taur Scooter

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Over the past few years, my New York City apartment has become a testing ground for electric scooters and folding ebikes. While my wife has been delighted, the cluttered entrance and daily hazards have been a challenge. However, the Taur electric scooter arrived on the scene, promising a sleek design and unique features that set it apart from the rest.

A Unique Design with Pros and Cons

The Taur escooter is anything but conventional. Unlike typical scooters, it does not feature a traditional deck for your feet. Instead, two pedals extend from the tubular frame, requiring riders to place their feet parallel to each other. The company claims this provides a more natural stance and reduces weight and size.

One of the standout features of the Taur is its ability to stand upright on its own when folded, making it incredibly convenient for storage. Its clean and minimalist design, complete with front and rear lights, a motorbike-styled center stand, and a loud horn, adds to its appeal.

A Flawed Folding System

Although the Taur's folding system is useful for saving space, it leaves room for improvement. The latch can be clunky and difficult to operate, and folding the scooter without the center stand can be tricky, leading to potential accidents. Additionally, the thick stem makes it less manageable when carrying.

Performance and Ride Quality

The Taur's 500-watt motor provides ample power, effortlessly tackling inclines and bridges. Its larger 12.5-inch air-filled tube tires offer a smooth ride, although going over bumps and holes can feel a bit bouncy. The hydraulic disc brake performs well, but the rear tire tends to skid during turns, particularly in wet conditions.

Gearing and Speed Modes

A person riding a Taur Scooter on a city street, surrounded by tall buildings and traffic.
Experience the Future of Urban Commuting with Taur Scooter!

The scooter offers three gears, but the differences between them are minimal. I found myself using the "Performance" mode most of the time, as the others did not offer significant variations in acceleration. Changing speed modes requires using the companion app, which is less intuitive than having dedicated buttons on the scooter.

The Pedals and Joystick Quirks

The Taur's unique parallel pedal design has both positives and negatives. While it feels natural to ride with feet together, it can lead to discomfort during longer rides, especially at the pedal edges. The joystick on the left handlebar, controlling the OLED screen, is also less user-friendly than desired.

App and Charging Issues

The Taur requires the app for certain features, including setting a specific speed. However, the pairing process can be time-consuming, and the app's functionality is still lacking. Additionally, the scooter does not have an off button, going into a low-power state after a few minutes of inactivity. This design flaw has led to some unintended horn honking incidents.

Range and Charging Time

The Taur's range is somewhat disappointing, especially for heavier riders. A typical ride at 15 mph may only yield around 10 miles per charge, far less than what one might expect from a premium scooter. However, the inclusion of a fast charger is a redeeming feature, allowing for quicker recharging times.

Potential for Improvement

Despite its flaws, the Taur does have some positive aspects. The use of standard bike components makes repairs more accessible, and the two-year warranty, along with recyclable packaging, demonstrates the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainability.


As of now, the Taur electric scooter has potential but falls short of its high price tag. The design and features are promising, but the ride experience and range need improvement. The company's efforts to address issues through firmware updates are commendable, but it's advisable to wait for the Taur 2.0, where the kinks have been ironed out before making a purchase.

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