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We Discover and Cover the Future of Tech and News.

Geekgo is a technology blog that aims to provide high-quality and informative blog content on gadgets, reviews, how to's to its readers. Our team of experienced writers and tech enthusiasts are dedicated to exploring and analyzing the latest trends and developments in the world of technology.

       At Geekgo, we believe that technology is constantly evolving and shaping the world around us. It affects our lives in countless ways, from how we communicate to how we work and play. Our mission is to stay on top of these changes and provide our readers with insightful and engaging content that helps them stay informed and make informed decisions.

      Our blog covers a wide range of topics, from the latest gadgets and software to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. We strive to provide our readers with accurate and up-to-date information, backed by extensive research and analysis.

Geekgo is more than just a blog. We are a community of tech enthusiasts who are passionate about all things technology. We encourage our readers to share their thoughts and ideas, and engage in lively discussions on our website and social media channels.

Q1. How do I get in touch with Geekgo?

Feel free to drop us a line at  We read every email, but due to the high volume of messages we can’t promise that we’ll always respond. 

Q2. Where can I follow Geekgo on social media?

We spend most of our time these days on FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest, Instagram 

Q3. Do companies pay you to review their products? Do you keep the gadgets you review?

Geekgo is an editorially independent blog.  When we borrow review devices from companies, our policy is to keep to the agreement with the company.

Q4. Will you review my product?

Maybe. Geekgo takes pride in its hardware and software reviews, and we always love hearing about new products. Be warned, though, that our reviews team is very selective. It's not just that we have discerning tastes; there are only a few of us, which means we have to be choosy about what we cover. Though we welcome pitches on possible reviews, we can't promise we'll be able to review your product. Also, if you don't hear back from us, please don't take it personally; due to the volume of pitches we receive, it's not feasible for us to respond to each message. If we are interested, we will be in touch.

Q5. May I reprint Geekgo's articles?

A licensing agreement is required for repurposing our content for commercial use (e.g., inclusion in advertisements, marketing materials, films, TV shows, textbooks, museum displays). 

Q6. Does Geekgo have affliate links in its articles?

GEEKGO’s Blog/News articles contains affiliate links. When you click on that big “buy now” button or learn more and actually buy a product from one of our affiliate partners, we earn a commission. Our editors and writers do not take part in the negotiation of those deals or the implementation of those links and our opinions and advice are not influenced by our affiliate partnerships. GEEKGO needs money to keep bringing you world class buying advice, but our ultimate responsibility is to you, our readers.

Thank you for visiting Geekgo. We hope you enjoy our blog and join our community of tech enthusiasts.

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