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Apple Vision Pro developer kits are available now

You aren't guaranteed to get one, however.

Apple’s Vision Pro is a bold project that aims to deliver a stunning mixed reality experience. To make it a success, Apple needs to ensure that there are enough apps that can take advantage of its capabilities. That’s why Apple has launched the Vision Pro Developer Kit, which gives selected developers access to a loaned headset, setup assistance, and extra support. This kit is exclusive and not available for purchase.

 "Apple Vision Pro - Revolutionary smart glasses enhancing vision and connectivity."
"Introducing Apple Vision Pro - Experience the future of smart eyewear."

How to Get the Vision Pro Developer Kit To get the Vision Pro Developer Kit, you need to apply for it through the Apple Developer Program. You also need to provide details about your existing apps and your team’s skills.

Apple is looking for developers who can create apps that use the Vision Pro’s unique features effectively. If you are new to the platform or just want to port your iPad apps, you may not get the kit. You may still get access to the visionOS beta software, though.

Security and Privacy If you are lucky enough to receive the Vision Pro Developer Kit, you need to follow Apple’s strict rules. You need to keep the headset in a secure place, where only your team members can access it. You also need to keep everything confidential and not leak any information about the Vision Pro. Apple takes confidentiality very seriously and may ask you to return the unit if you violate it.

Focus on Larger Developers The Vision Pro Developer Kit is not for everyone. Apple may prioritize larger developers who can produce high-quality and polished apps. Apple wants to create a curated collection of apps that can showcase the potential of the Vision Pro. As a device that costs $3,499 and targets professionals and enthusiasts, Apple wants to make sure that the early users get the best possible experience.

The Future of Vision Pro Apps The launch of the Vision Pro Developer Kit is a sign of Apple’s vision for app development for this device. Apple wants to support developers who can create innovative and feature-rich apps. Apple sees the Vision Pro as more than just a hardware product, but as a platform for creators to express their talents and impress users in new ways.

In summary, Apple’s Vision Pro Developer Kit is a key step towards unlocking the power of this amazing mixed reality headset. By giving developers early access and expert help, Apple enables them to create a variety of immersive experiences that will appeal to professionals and enthusiasts alike. As the Vision Pro gets ready for its official release, app lovers can look forward to a selection of refined and creative applications that will change the way we see mixed reality technology.


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